Boss been taking long glances trying to come up with somthin’ to say to the  at the cyborg sitting there during this flight.After sometime of dodging opportunities to engage in conversation he finally managed to spit out a obvious assumption since he had already been briefed” So You’re from the future..Huh?”  Raiden finally had the time durin’ the helicopter ride to say anything he wanted to Boss….anything but classified information that is.Gripped by the inner kid,ecstatic to be face to face with his hero(Rambo on steroids)he was too nervous to say much, all he could utter was a weak “yup”. 

Alright guys I wanted to go out with a boom,so I reeeaaalllyy worked hard on this puppy ^A^ Thanks for joining my last livestream till I can get internet back :D! And tonssssss of gratitude for all your kind notes they made me very happy and excited lookin’ forward to when I can log back on! Till then I do have a friend who will be lending me thier phone every now and again so I can use the instagram app so here it is:   http://instagram.com/iambaileyshikitti

Anyhow Take care Buddies!!!!!!!